Maschine+ and Guitar Rig

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Hey All,

I had an MK3 since they debuted and I’ve been using it to record with my computer along with guitar rig heavily. When maschine plus came out I bought it right away. However, I returned it after a month because it would just always crash, and it didn’t serve my purposes as well as the MK3 did. This week I decided to try it again, and I’m loving the portability of it especially since I have a power bank and it seems to be slightly more stable. What seems to be lacking of course is guitar rig as a plug-in in maschine plus. Does anyone know if they’re going to be bringing guitar rig to maschine Plus? I know it might be CPU intensive, but I’m really hoping they do. Until then does anyone have any good ideas for using the stock plug-ins to create a decent sounding signal chain to support guitar modulation and emulation? TIA.


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    @ndr8ke I don't think there's a plan for that unfortunately. These are all the products supported by Maschine+ right now. But I've added a feature request tag here just in case!

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    @Kaiwan_NI please man. some of us write songs with a guitar its easier that way. Guitar Rig for M+ is a must

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