Libraries and procedures management after formatting

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Hi. I use Kontakt Player 6 on Mac Silicon M1 and I have some questions to ask: 

1-after system formatting can I launch Native Access and reinstall everything? I mean, can I find everything I need in the NA database (program installer, serial etc etc)? 

2-I must have made some confusion and now I find some libraries purchased on the system HD and others on an external HD. How can I move all libraries to external drive without problems?

I'll give an example of how I've done it up to now: in the NA preferences the content location is in /user/shared. I bought a Heavyocity library and installed it on the external disk (procedure performed from the Heavyocity portal). I inserted the serial into NA and installed the library as required. Naturally I am left with two installation paths. Everything works fine but I would just like to know how to avoid having this in the future. Thanks for the support.



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