Any Update Soon for Maschine?

Louis Gtr
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Hi everyone,

Is it me or NI is lacking of updates?

When i Buy maschine few years ago, it was because NI was supporting their products for a long time (with the MK1 and MK2) and was doing a lot of updates with adding new features.

But the years have passed and I have the impression that keeping updating and improving is forgotten by the company.

It is the same reason that push me to abandon the use of traktor for the competiton, and to date I never regret it.

Today, I'm really thinking to switch to the competition. I'm disapointed because i really love the product

Do you believe we will have new major and minor updates from NI for their products in the near future (especially maschine here)?


  • D-One
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    Yes, Apple Siliccon and VST3 kicked them in the 🍑 apparently, at least that's what everyone says around here and the transition is still not fully over yet... 🤷‍♂️

    Dont take this as an official answer but I wouldn't expect any major update soon, and if by "major" you mean 3.0 then really forget about it, there's a bigger chance you win the lottery... Expect only minor updates for a while.

  • ozon
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    Expect no updates, and you’ll be annoyed by how often you have to do them.

    Works for me since 2013.

  • JayTee303
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    I got komplete 13 with the idea that ni would let maschine plus users add fx or instruments in stand alone mode, of course not something like massive x for standalone, but the lighter fx series like dirt and flair. Or a separate reaktor section with converted ensembles instead of a thread. Now I have my laptop closed next to me, could’ve just bought the normal mk3. I got really fast with it faster than most things you need to do with mouse and keyboard that’s why it’s closed most of the time, I listen more instead of looking. Still disappointed that we haven’t got anything extra or those that have komplete can’t load light plugins :/ refuse to upgrade until there is some clarity about this.

  • imagevoice
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    sad sad sad - buying machine+ feels like wasting money 🤷‍♂️

  • Jono Rezzillo
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    Soundtoys doesnt have compatibility with NKS WHY?? anyone

  • Jono Rezzillo
    Jono Rezzillo Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    Love the NEW S88 Keyboard also..why isnt it aFATAR KEYBED now?

  • D-One
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    Ask SoundToys, usually when companies don't do something as easy as this it's because they do not see much value/return in the work required to do it.

    Jester sells NKS packs for it:

    And @Kymeia has NKS packs for all soundtoys plugs out there for free I think:

  • Kymeia
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    Probably because, unfortunately, NKS FX are still a bit useless really without a dedicated FX version of Komplete Kontrol (and now not even of Maschine) - they are fun to play with but you can't do as much with them practically as I would have liked.

  • Jono Rezzillo
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    Im now seeing some of the parameters working now NKS with Soundtoys

    Ill Update again soon as

    Thanks for the community Help😍

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