Traktor Pro scratching problem after 3.5 version.

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Hello everybody,

I got Macbook Pro 15' 2017 (Radeon Pro 560 4 GB Intel HD Graphics 630, 16 GB 2133 MHz)

Mac os X ventura version (13.2.1) latest version.

all was working fine until 3.5 version installed. after this version i notice a big scratching problem.

for example: when im scratching on (Hot cue A) back and forward, traktor seems having some freezes and my scratch point is moving back or forward, so im losing my start cue point for scratching.

i also buy traktor pro plus. maybe this helps but nothing new comes up.

i have use traktor on cdjs 2000nexus also cdjs3000nexus, xdj 700.all cdjs updated. in all cdjs i have the same problem.

I have updated and upgraded all the lastest versions.

The only thing that i noticed was, when i upgraded my mac os from 12 Monterey to 13 Ventura this freeze became smaller. but its still here and i cant perform.

Has anybody the same problem with me?

Can somebody give me a solution about this?

im working traktor since 2008, but i am one step before i change to a new platform.

Best Regards,



  • Uwe303
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    have you tried, in audio settings, to set smaller latency/ increase buffer size.?

  • JohnSivris
    JohnSivris Member Posts: 2 Member

    hi there, i tried yes and the problem is still on the table.

    maybe i got these frozzes little less but there are still on.

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