Is there a way to get around the 8 Group limit with Maschine?



  • Kubrak
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    Yes. If one sound in group is 5 bars and second 3 bars and third 7 bars one has to make pattern of 105 bars to fit everything in. And copy and copy and copy.

  • Peter Harris
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    Have you watched it yet?

  • kb420
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    The simple answer is, there is no 8 Group limit in Maschine. You can have as many Groups as you want. You are only limited by the specs of your computer.

  • Tom Auger
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    Thanks everyone for your comments.

    I see that a lot of you are proposing "workarounds" to accomplish what I was asking - thanks for that, but they all seem really cumbersome and working "against" the design intent of the software/hardware, which is that Groups are your primary organizing structure (not Sounds). While I really appreciate the creative problem solving, the main intent of my original post was to confirm what I had suspected, which was that the "Ableton Live" model of recording and maintaining independent control over individual Clips has to happen above the Group level, and that it's pretty common to have a bunch of Groups with one Sound each.

    I tried to use extremely precise language to convey what I was asking, but I probably wasn't precise enough. In retrospect, I might have saved us all time by recording a video. But I thank everyone who took the time to read my post and to suggest answers to their interpretation of my question!

    Thanks to @D-One for the actual answer: "For each active Group, you can only have 1 Pattern per Scene/Section - There's no such thing as independent Patterns per Sound/Pad, a Pattern doesn't apply to just a Pad, it's for the whole Group."

    There is is, in black-and-white.

    Now, as @Peter Harris suggests, I need to spend more time with the literature and the tutorials to understand how to make the Group recording workflow the simplest and most ergonomic as possible.

    See you all in the next one! Some day I hope to contribute back.

  • kb420
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    I read through most of this thread, and it seems like this was the answer you were looking for:

    "There's no such thing as independent Patterns per Sound/Pad, a Pattern doesn't apply to just a Pad, it's for the whole Group."

    I only responded to reassure you that there is NO "8 Group limitation". Groups are sorted in to "Banks". Each "Bank" consists of 8 Groups. You can have as many "Banks" as you want. It's unlimited. If you tap the "PAD MODE" button on the controller, you will see what "Bank" you are in, on the top of the left screen. Once you have used the first 8 Groups, you'll be able to access a new Bank on the controller. In the software, you can easily add a new Group by just hitting the "+" sign. So, if you choose to only put one sound/plugin in a Group, it's not like you will ever run out of Groups because there simply is NO "8 Group limitation".

  • Tom Auger
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    Yes, thanks @kb420 your comment about there being no (functional) limit to the number of Groups / Banks was absolutely clutch. If that weren't the case, I'd be seriously questioning the usefulness of the whole system! Thanks for that bit of critical info!

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