Maschine Software Keyboard Shortcuts

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Select all/ Copy/ Paste/ Delete/ Undo = A/ C/ V/ X/ Z

Mixer = tab

Browser =fn + F4

Song Mode =cmd + 2

Ideas Mode = cmd +1

Pattern Zoom =cmd + up

Loop =L

Metronome =M

Sampling =S

Pencil =E

Piano Roll =W

Rename = cmd + R

Select sounds = shift + up or down

Group view =D

Control lane =fn + F12

Record =shift + spacebar

Play =spacebar

Play from beginning =opt + spacebar 

Nudge L or R =opt < / >

Nudge up or down =opt + up or down

Quantize =opt + Q

Quantize 50% =shift + opt + Q 

Grid 1/16th = 5

Grid off =0

Grid 1/8th Triplets =shift + 4



  • aafanatic
    aafanatic Member Posts: 35 Helper

    This is for Mac but most translate directly to PC. This list is not complete so if you have more Shortcuts that you would like to see on here please post them. I know this has been gone over before, but it wasn't easy for me to find and I thought I'd save you some time if you didn't already have these😇

  • Peter Harris
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    Super useful! Thanks!

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