Midi Fighter Twister with Maschine 2

Ian Stewart
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Does anyone know if it is possible to get the two different controls from one knob on the Midi Fighter Twister to control two separate virtual knobs in Maschine software e.g. volume for a group when used normally and an aux send when held down?

This is easy to configure in Ableton and Reaper but does not seem possible in Maschine. Midi Fighter Twister sends the normal control on midi channel 1 and the value when the knob is held down on channel 5. To test this I set a Sound volume to normal use and the Group aux send when the knob is held down. I set the Sound midi to only receive on channel 1 and the Group midi to only receive on channel 5. However the midi controller information was still received on both channels, as if the midi channels were set to 'All'. This may be the crux of the problem.

I have also tried this using faders on the Launchpad X and the same problem occurs.

Any solutions to this problem really appreciated.


  • Uwe303
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    midi knobs on maschine ui are not divided by midi channel, those midi settings are only for the inserted instrument. I guess it is possible to do with maschine but then only with some workarounds, additional plugins and dummy tracks.

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    I'm guessing you're using CC's.

    Unfortunately, Maschine ignores MIDI Channels for CC for reasons that no one will ever understand... 🤷‍♂️

    Use something other than MIDI channels to differentiate the Knob behaviors in whatever app is used to customize your midi controller, like 2 different CC numbers.



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    I looked into the editor and you can assign a different cc value when knob is pressed, so let's say no Mal is channel 1 cc 1 to 16, if the knob is pressed channel 1 cc 17 to 32. First i just looked into the manual and there i couldn't find it, only the ore configured stuff and that only switches channels, so i guessed it's not possible, why left this cool feature out on all standard presets? So you need to download the editor.

  • Ian Stewart
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    I think I have found a solution to the midi channel problem. The CC numbers over four banks are 0-15 | 16-31 | 32-47 | 48-63. The toggle switch - which toggles between 0 and 127 - could be used for effects that are usually in or out, such as ADT or distortion. In the Twister software, leave the rotary control to the knob number but change the CC number of the toggle switch to the CC number + 64. The toggle switch would then be 64-79 | 80-95 | 96-111 | 112-127 for the different banks.

    I tried this by using a Doubler with the mix set at just under 50%. The rotary control was used to control the level. The toggle switch to control the Douber mix - the maximum value of 127 was sent but the mix control on Maschine meant this was just under 50%. The problem is, of course, that is that if there is a plugin on all 16 sounds in a group the processing power would probably be too high.

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