NA 3.2 does not show updates until I hit the refresh button

Reefius Member Posts: 238 Pro

The startup time for NA 3.2 has greatly improved, but it seems like it no longer checks for product updates at startup. I need to manually click the refresh button to see any updates.

Also, after every reboot of my computer, NA needs to install dependencies again. I've had this problem since NA 3.1 (and no it's not anti-virus causing this).



  • Ed M
    Ed M Member Posts: 139 Advisor


    I checked, and noticed the same things. Updates only showed up after refreshing, and after a reboot NA had to install the dependencies again.

    More importantly, the startup time is indeed greatly improved.

    So I don't mind too much. Maybe it is supposed to work this way now?

  • Andreas_NI
    Andreas_NI Customer Care Posts: 28 mod

    Hey Everyone,

    yes, this is indeed by design in the 3.2 update of NA. The start up times have improved drastically, unfortunately changes in Native Access do not reflect now until you hit Refresh. We understand this is not ideal however we hope that you agree that start up times are crucial when working in the flow of creating or administrating your system.

    In regards to dependencies, please make sure that Native Access has 'Full Disk Access". Please go into the MAC settings and enable the following preference:

    Preferences>Security & Privacy>Privacy (tab)> Full Disk Access (side bar)>(enable/toggle on) Native Access 2.

    Additionally, since Monterey, Full Disc Access needs to be given additionally to NTKDaemon and Files and folders. Native Access requires permissions to access removable volumes.

    I hope this solves the issue for you

  • Vocalpoint
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    You guys keep assuming that this "dependencies" thing is MAC only - I am on Windows 10 and like Reefius - I too have to endure the relentless "reinstall" of Native Access every time I reboot.

    I have an open ticket with support and like Reefius - they are doing whatever is necessary to blame AV - while a quick analysis of the Event Viewer clearly shows a nonstop and continuous series of crashes with your NTKDaemon.exe (v1.1.0) and a direct conflict with ucrtbase.dll (a system level C++ file that is supplied by Microsoft)

    While 3.2.0 is a welcome change in startup speed - you are taking 2 steps back by making us have to manually check for updates AND having NA basically crash every time the machine starts up.


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