Traktor 3.8.0 On Mojave

Really Mojave will not support this version?



  • Markovicz
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    Hi @Orlando MadOrl, with 3.8.0, support for macOS 10.14 is dropped completely, that's why it doesn't appear in Native Access.

  • Orlando MadOrl
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    Definitelly sucks.. but.. lets go change the computer... Thanks for attention.

  • diegog.garcia
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    Usually "not supported" means the software will not be receive patchs to solve any problem in that OS version, nor it will be tested on it. Also you won't receive official support. But that doesn't means that it cannot run on that OS version, and we should be able to use it at our own risk (at least if there no changes on Traktor code that uses a particular feature of the OS that doesn't exist in Mojave, IMHO i don't believe it's the case).

    I get NI doesn't want to show something as "ready for install" if they don't support it. Having a URL to download the installer for registered users, would be enough for those of us running old hardware/software because we choose to.

    NI please! :)

  • Markovicz
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    In this case there is no underlying change of technology, but in other cases there is - and this refers not only to Traktor but to other NI software as well, so there is the tendency towards a company policy which aims to align compatibility across NI brands.

    Also, even if there are some experienced users like you folks here who know exactly what they are doing and are aware of the risk they are taking, there are many others who are not that experienced and neither even aware of such risks. Many folks don't even read pop-ups or warnings, believe me. Therefore, not drawing a line can cause quite a bit of work for tech support, imho quite unnecessarily, which brings me to my final argument:

    For all Mojave users, there is a well-working Pro 3 version which will always keep on running on 10.14: update 3.7.1.

  • Owner
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    Hi @Mark_NI

    First of all: Nice to see you here, i appreciate that very much!

    Second: Oh no, sad news! Then it's time to say goodbye to my beloved X1 MKI 😥 Or, did you know if the .kext hack also works with macOS Catalina?

  • DJ-Andre
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    You can try to download the RC manually. The RC has the same build number as the final. Although it might not be supported, there is a chance that it works perfectly.

    Doing so is ofcourse at your own risk!

  • Markovicz
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    My pleasure to be here 👋

    There is this hack that had been communicated via T H I S website, but unfortunately it's no longer accessible. I am in the same position as you are btw, and I am very reluctant to sacrifice my beloved X1 MK1 for the sake of 3.8.0. Even considering to use a Windows computer for performances from now on.

  • diegog.garcia
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    @Mark_NI thanks for the reply.

    Of course I see the reason of drawing a line. I'd never think on opening a support case for something unsupported ;)

    I was asking for us "the experienced users willing to take the risk". I also don't like the idea of getting rid of my X1s, and I'm a bit attached to iTunes and it's xml file.

    @DJ-Andre unfortunately 3.8.0RC is no longer available for download. Any ideas?

  • Bogdan Ionut Dobrescu
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    Hi , is not fair because i paid yearly subscription for Pattern Player 3.7.1

    In my opinion NI should provide a way to use the update which include new customization for Pattern Player added in TP 3.8 version.

    Ussualy, when you buy a software you buy also the updates for this software . Is not OK to buy another Macbook Pro or update to Catalina 10.15

    NI do you have some deals with Apple ? :)

    If I paid for Patern Player in this case NI should provide me the customization for Patern Player for 3.7.1 or posibility to install 3.8 on Mojave 10.14

    More that this, Mojave 10.14 is the last OS which provide support for 32 bit application and a lot of DJ still use hardwares with 32 bit audio driver. If i update macO to Catalina 10.15 i need to change also the Rane Mixer .

    NI ??

    Thank you !

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