Can Traktor pop out a midi message when a looped deck current playing position reaches an end ?

Hi there, very new here.

I'd need to know more about midi messages that can go out from Traktor for further recording or visuals alteration triggering and sync.

From Chapter 20 in the manual, we can have midi chart kind tables.

Can we setup Traktor for popping our a midi message when the current playing position of a looped deck reaches its endpoint ?

We played with the Beat Phase, Phase values etc. Works VERY fine.

But we didn't find anything about "that looped deck just reached its endpoint"

As Traktor transmits current tempo, current loop size (as a subdivision), we played with these values for starting a counter (sampling rate accurate, thanks to Max MSP) and to count outside of Traktor and check when the loop reaching the end but I'd prefer something to come from Traktor directly.

Anyone here ??

Best regards,

Julien Bayle



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