constant issues with maschine failing to load - MK3, latest firmware - now not working at all !!!

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I'm almost at the end of my tether with this, I need this for a gig so i'm getting close to putting a hammer to it.

When I first bought mk3 it installed via NATIVE and it would not load, no errors, nothing, just nothing happened. I also tried downloading the latest firmware but as the driver hadnt installed it would not pick it up, its no even bloody plug and play compliant... Anyway, I finally managed to get the driver on and the firmware updated and it then loaded ok. However after a session and the PC shut down it failed to load again the next day. When I try to load the standalone nothing happens, when I try to load maschine in a studio one project I get this:

I have it loaded on both my laptop and PC, it seems to be working ok at the moment on my laptop so it must be an issue with my PC but nothing seems to fix it, literally lost hours to this problem.

see full error, I only get this if I try to open a project in Studio one, if I try to open the standalone I get nothing at all, just wont load. (ONEDRIVE LINK TO IMAGE)!AgvFafeelEBiocYSrJo3ifFhSrIOhA?e=qU8tY1



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    Hi @mclingo sorry to hear about the problems with your Maschine. I see you've been in touch with our support team already. Pls keep us updated here how you get on.

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