Please help..Apple Music Library won't load latest..BIG PROBLEM FOR ME

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Hello. I am running an M1 Macbook Pro with Ventura and Traktor 3.8, have also tried on 3.6 again and this problem just erupted. I have always organized with Itunes and now Apple music and it worked fin until recently. All of sudden it constantly loads some old library and I can not get it to load my current library with the correct folders etc I have made. This just happened by itself, I have tried everything, like reopening Itunes with a different library, reopening traktor, coming back to the correct library and reopening traktor to get it to load it, like it used to. I can not figure it out at all and have a really important gig on Friday. Need help fast please!



  • tombnde
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    have the same problem

  • c0nsul
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    Please provide some more information. Which OS version? Screenshot of Traktor´s File Management in Preferences.

    Do have multiple Music.App libraries? (Which you select via option key) Is the one you want to use in Traktor marked as main or master library in Music.App?

    Sometimes, Music.App saves an old library in its document folder when it gets corrupted. Maybe, Traktor mistakes the files. You can delete the old libraries in the corresponding Music.App folder.

    BTW, TP 3.9 beta is now optimised for Apple Silicon.

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