Native Access is creating bogus installation location keys

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Been noticing a very bizarre issue that has clearly been present for a long time where the installation of a product (via Native Access) is writing bogus keys to the Windows registry.

As part of my studio environment - we use a corporate desktop endpoint management solution to manage patches, installs, general system health and so on. It also provides an awesome set of reporting - especially for inventory so we can keep track of licensing etc.

When I looked at some recent reporting from last week - I noticed a recent install of Molten Veil (that I did via Direct Access) added to my main DAW. The first thing that jumped out for this report was the Installed Location - which was recorded as:

C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Molten Veil

So I check this location on the hard disc - and there is nothing there - there is not even a folder called Molten Veil in the C:\Program Files\Native Instruments location.

Then I hit the Registry and see that the key for InstallDir - is listed as

C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Molten Veil

It's this key that my end point software is picking up. And of course that is really skewing these reports.

Q: If the folder referenced in the Registry does not even exist on the hard drive AND is clearly not the location for the actual Molten Veil software - why is this location being stamped as the Installed Directory - and then being written to the registry for other systems to find and incorrectly use for numerous purposes?

This is just one of many that I have found and I am scratching my head as to why NI would do this?

Is it laziness or a general need to fill the keys with some value (for completeness) that actually has nothing to do with the install?

Appreciate any info on this.



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