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Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3 - temporary loss of power?

Hi all - hope you are all keeping well.

Has anyone had any experience with temporary power dropouts with the S4 Mk3?

Have only experienced this once (so far) with my new-to-me second hand and out of warranty S4 mk3. Connected to mains power with the official power adaptor and to MacBook Pro by USB cable and USB-A to USB-C adaptor.

I’ve seen some posts (here and on the interwebs more broadly) about loose power cords and loose USB ports, but I don’t seem to have either of those, just a random loss of power for ~1-2 seconds; unit goes fully dark, Traktor Pro keeps on playing (but no audio output), then the unit powers back up and picks up where it left off.

Will try and recreate this issue over the next few days, but keen to hear if others have had an issue such as this?



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