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Hi all! Since I opted for avoiding an external SSD for the Komplete library, I had to reinstall all "missing" expansions / instruments. I had to manually select 'reinstall' for EACH of well over 150 components inside NA. I'd like to see a 'reinstall all' option instead of going through each and every part of the missing parts. Thank you.


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    Hi @tymes2 are you using the latest version of Native Access? There should actually be an option to reinstall all Kontakt libraries. 🤔

    Reinstalling a KOMPLETE Bundle Without Re-Downloading KONTAKT Libraries

  • tymes2
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    Yep, using latest version. I set up a new MacBookPro omitting the old external SSD, which of course led to a "missing items" alert. No option to 'reinstall all' available. Also: under the tab 'available', I see Abbey Road 60s Drums, Berlin Concert Grand, NY Concert Grand, Upright Piano and Vienna Concert Grand, all of which have a locate option but the 'install all' option is grayed out. Maybe that is because I have only 59GB of space left on my internal HD?!? However, I seem to recall there wasn't such an option even when the internal SSD had way more space left.

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    What I find interesting about this is that I have exactly the same problem. Native Access is telling me that I'm missing the data from Berlin Concert Grand, NY Concert Grand, Upright Piano, Vienna Concert Grand and Abbey Roads 60s Drums. What is curious about this last item is that I do have Abbey Roads 60s Drummer and that functions perfectly. As for the pianos, I've never had these pianos in the past, so I don't understand why they're suddenly showing up in Native Access. Is there a way of deleting these from Native Access so I'm not constantly reminded of this problem?

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