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I have seen quite a few posts over the years asking how to map something. In most cases you will need to learn how to use modifiers.

And it is very hard to explain in a forum.

It took me about a year to get good at mapping...there are many layers to what a person can do, but most importantly you have to figure out what works within a workflow and doesn't disable or interfere with the main hardware you use.

Here is a good example and introduction using modifiers...this isn't my video, but I thought it was a good starting point for anyone interested.

Not my video below but a good example.


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    Hi @zephry how about giving us some examples of your tips here as well? πŸ˜€

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    Figure out what you need then choose a controller or add to an existing one. I spent a lot of time making mappings that were cool but didn't work with how I actually Dj.

    Don't overlook the keyboard. But most likely get rid of the default one. For my mapping I have some bpm jumps across the numbers at the top. I have a startup shortcut that sets my decks and everything how I want. The arrow keys change the layout. Basically anything you will look at the laptop screen to do can probably have some type of mapping on the keyboard.

    Avoid mappings that change things that affect knobs or faders on your main controller. For instance mapping the channel volume on a separate controller will cause a jump when switching between controllers. It can be done, but using Soft Takeover is annoying. In my opinion.

    If Native Instruments or someone else sells a controller and good control it is usually just best to buy it. The F1 is a good example of this. And also is labeled correctly. Mapping a controller or extra controls to one can be harder to navigate when actually playing.

    The best way to learn mapping is to download other people's and work out what each thing does. I learned led functions, and also how to manually select a channel to add even more things like flashing leds and dimming and color changing output.

    I am by no means the top expert in mapping or computer programming and such. But hopefully this can help.

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