How do I clear all TRK-01 Step Locks on sequencer page?

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I'm trying to figure out how to clear all the step locks on a sequencer page for TRK-01 without deleting the velocity steps. Currently when I have a page selected and then hit 'CLEAR' it gets rid of both Step Locks as well as velocity steps. I'm wanting to keep the velocity steps and clear the Step Locks only. Otherwise, I have to go in parameter by parameter through focus mode to clear out the Step Locks individually if I want to not clear out the velocity steps as well. This can be very annoying.

I looked in the manual and I'm not sure this is possible. If not possible, how do submit a feature request?


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    Manual page 31:

    Copying, Pasting, and Clearing Elements

    It's for all: Slots of the Sound Selector, Patterns and pages and  Step Locks.

    There is no specific area to copy, paste or clear for Step Locks only.


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