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What a interesting journey today, im looking for information on the Beatport lync search functions, more specifically after more than 1 year of this interface being rolled if there is in fact any sort of improvements.. its ridiculous that when you search for an artist that you have to wait while it pulls down 1000s of tracks.

the moment you have a cue or anything setup, the list "jumps" - Fuzzy search, which has been around now for more than 10 years doesnt work when you try to search and sort.

However, instead of being able to reach any of the community posts and find information about others, i was redirected to this "new sign in" - that again asked me for profile information that was already there in Native Instruments from before. And after hopping through your sign on pages, we arrive here to find that any of the links that are searchable from the community are now broken.

Having started when NI was making the Traktor I audio cards all the way to my last purcahse of the SL4MK3, i have been a very avid follower, however the quality both in terms of the integrations, i mean - RekordBox has a better implementation and thats saying something - to the arriving for support and rather than support its a redirect to whatever promotion you have going on, i would provide that you are losing me as a customer pretty quick and interesting applications like Beatport Link and such will lead to sales of other platforms simply because you cant sort a search interface out. The fact that you can make the API calls via Beatports' web interface shows that this is simply poor client implementation.. The fact that when you try to search anything about this, its all been remove from your site, doesnt make clients feel good about their investment in your products..

2 years since you beta'd the service and not a single improvement despite 1000s of comments.



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    Hi @lmcdasm happy you found our new forum. Most of the information on the old forum is unfortunately not up-to-date anymore and we've migrated to this new space instead that's why you're redirected here. You can find answers to most of your questions about our decision here.

    If there are no threads relevant to what you're looking for, you're welcome to create a new thread.

    Our support channels remain unchanged though. You can always raise a ticket with our support team via one of the forms on this page here.

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    Regarding the browser issue you mentioned here, the Traktor team shared in the beta section last year that they've been working on refactorings in the browser domain, which would pave the way for improvements in this area. Here's the post.

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    NI also seem to have removed the old forum in its entirety, which is hugely disappointing as a wealth of knowledge regarding MIDI mapping troubleshooting is now not searchable.

    A sad day for NI customers.

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