Pro tools crash with NI effects

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i work with pro tools 12.0 on Mac OS 12.1. Recently pro tools start to crash on startup, it gives me error 'AAE 9178' on some plugins, so i remove those plugins and it works, but i need those plugins and some of those were active in a lot of sessions that i'm mixing.

This is a big problem...any support for me? :)

The plugins are: Choral, dirt, driver, enhanced, flair, freak, passive EQ, phases, raum, RC 24-48, ReplikaXT, replika, solid bus comp, solid dynamics, solid EQ, supercharger GT, supercharger, transient master, vari comp, vc 2A-76-160.




  • Eddie_NI
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    Did you update any of these effects recently? Which versions are you using?

  • joshreinhardt
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    Same thing is happening here. All plugins and guitar rig 6 do not work! I sent report to NI and I have gotten NO response. I tried re-installing guitar rig. I went back to old verisions of plugins and still are broken. PLEASE HELP.

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    Hi @joshreinhardt

    I'm sorry to hear that you have trouble using our products. Before we can help you we need some info: What operating system and which version are you using? Which Pro Tools version are you using? Did you try to manually deleting the Guitar Rig and Effects from you drive and then start ProTools and then re-installing via Native Access? Do you have a crash log from ProTools in case it crashes?



  • xmartin78
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    Same problem here.

    Any NI effect or instrument will make Pro tools crash on startup. (error -9178)

    Ventura, MacBook Pro m2, pro tools 2023.6.

    Any fix for this yet?

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