Traktor Pro 3.7.1 doesn't delete files from hard drive

Can anyone please help me with this? Spent hours yesterday using "delete from hard drive" from Traktor Collection but nothing deleted. I've got an external SSD plugged in. Thank you



  • Mark_NI
    Mark_NI Customer Care Posts: 375 mod

    Hi @dangersurprise, have you checked whether Traktor has full disk access / permissions on your system?

  • dangersurprise
    dangersurprise Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hi, thanks for getting in touch, Mark. I had not checked that but I can see the following:

    File system access for this device is on

    Apps are allowed to access my file system

    Under choose which apps can access my file system there is nothing indicated to say anything's restricted or has particular permission where others don't...

  • Mark_NI
    Mark_NI Customer Care Posts: 375 mod

    Aye. You are on a Windows system, right? Is it W10 or W11?

    I have tried to reproduce the behavior on macOS, but on my system everything goes exactly as it should...

  • Klaus.Meier
    Klaus.Meier Member Posts: 27 Member

    Can you delete the file manualy with Explorer / Finder?

    May it is open in another program?

    May you just have rights to read, but not to modify/delete (see Screenshot).

    I just checked it: my Traktor 3.7.1. on Win10 deletes the file.

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