Using Traktor Audio 6 with Xone 23c, two x1 and f1?

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Hello everyone, 

my set up is Xone 23c, two traktor x1 and f1 and traktor pro 3 on windows. 

It is not enough for me because the sound card of the Xone 23c limits me to have 1 2 for channel A and 3 4 for channel B. So my F1 is quite limited. 

With an external audio card like the Traktor Audio 6, could you offer me a 5 6 for the C? Without having to go through the mixer.

That's my question, if you know of a more compatible audio card, please tell me too. Thanks and best regards.


  • Mark_NI
    Mark_NI Customer Care Posts: 368 mod

    Hi @Shute, I am not quite sure whether I get what you are up to - do you want to send out a RMX deck signal separately, bypassing the x:one?

    If so, that is technically possible. You can aggregate sound cards:

    How Can I Configure TRAKTOR for Two Audio Interfaces?


    "Like most professional audio applications, TRAKTOR does not allow to select and use two or more audio interfaces at once. This way various issues concerning the stability and performance can be avoided."

    Perhaps not a setup you want to use in a live situation...

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