How to insert 40 own drums in maschine pads

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hello how should I do when I insert a kit of very own drums in maschine2 so that the sounds are distributed on the 16 pads?

(currently, when I insert the kit, it goes on the location of a sound and I can't play the drums individually


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    Instruments require using Keyboard Mode. (The method Peter is referring to, but it does not populate all pads, just inserts the instrument into a single Pad.)

    If you don't like using Keyboard Mode then you can also set the other 15 Pads to send MIDI OUT to the Pad that has the instrument loaded:

    1. To make sure the Maschine-Pad1 triggers the instrument 1st slot change the Base Key to "C1".
    2. Selected all the other 15 Pads then go to SOUND> Output> MIDI> Destination and selected the Pad with the instrument (Pad-1 probably) and Channel #1.
    3. Deselect all and individually go into each Pad of the extra 15 Pads and rotate the Transpose Knob, -23 will trigger the 2nd instrument Pad, -22 the 3rd, and so on... Set them all up and then save the Group so you don't have to re-do everytime.

    Here's a pre-made Group in case you're confused about something, to load it make sure +Routings is enabled in the bottom of the Group Browser.


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