Missing products in Native Access (Komplete 14 Ultimate)

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Just purchased the 14 ultimate bundle, But missing some of the Synths and reaktor 6, I have closed and reopened ableton and re scanned for plugins but they are not showing up. RAZOR, REAKTOR 6 ,FORM ,SUPER8 ,ROUNDS , TRK -01, BX_OBERHAUSEN,KONTOUR,

MONARK, REAKTOR PRISM, RETRO MACHINES, SPARK, BLOCKS, SKANNER, FLESH, They are not showing up in Native Access. Is this a installation pathway issue. If so are they VST2 or 3?



  • Paule
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    If you are on win 7 or 8 you can't drive Reaktor 6.4.3. It needs win 10.

    I can read in your profile for operating system: win, but not your version.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Depthaudio What is your operating system?

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