The Gentleman instruments not matching Komplete Kontrol previews

Pete from Bristol
Pete from Bristol Member Posts: 72 Member

Hi all,

I'm new to the whole Kontakt / Komplete thing and it's utterly blown me away. Absolutely fantastic, but I do have one problem / query and was hoping someone could help.

I preview Gentleman sounds in Komplete Kontrol and they all play fine. I can hear the variations in sounds. But whatever I actually load, I just get more or less the same piano sound, with maybe the reverb slightly different. The sounds are also quiet.

I've tried reinstalling the 3GB of samples through Native Access and they're all saving to the right drive. All of my other Kontakt instruments work well, including Session Guitarist (amazing) and all the Select instruments.

My set up in an M1 MacBook Pro 14 inch running Monterey. My keyboard is the Komplete Kontrol A61. My Daw is Logic, although the issue occurs when in standalone mode so I doubt Logic's the issue. Or maybe I'm just expecting too much??

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.




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