Maschine Software Update?

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Does anybody know when we will see the next update for Maschine 2 or possibly an all-new Maschine 3? The last couple updates have been a bit underwhelming in my opinion (no disrespect intended). I would love to see 1 or 2 game changing features that has to do with creating rather than compatibility and fixes. The auto-sampler was the last good one for me personally. What features do you think are coming next and what features would you like to see? Cheers Maschine heads



  • D-One
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    V3 is a magical unicorn that people have been asking extensively for the past 6 years or more, so much so that the active forum users that have been around for a few years gave up on asking...

    Q1 is out of the question IMHO, for something more significant I'd bet on Q3, maybe something smaller in Q2? Not sure... I am a bit of a pessimist when it comes to this topic tho.

    My bet is nothing significant will happen until the last few instruments get M1 native support (Reaktor and Super8), that is if then don't have to focus on M2 compatibility and if by that time an M3 is not released... which at this point i think it's actually a real possibility. 🤷‍♂️

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    I think people need to investigate what venture capitalist means in term of leveraging, NIs owners are not in a bubble that exists outside the worlds current financial situation, if it isn't going to generate a huge return of funds (no Maschine update will do that, software or hardware) then it simply wont get done.

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    I dunno…..I think a lot of people would pay $100 for a proper v3 update, myself included..

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    Maschine is done and in maintenance mode now - as long as the hardware sells they’ll do bug fixes and macos architecture updates but that’s it..

    (my opinion)

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