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[ICYMI] The old forum will be gone after February 20th

Monochrome Member Posts: 428 Saw
edited February 16 in Social Club

Not sure if this was changed only recently or if this was already written there for some time now (I just noticed it while reading a thread there), but the top banner in the old forum now says:

"This community will be available as a read-only resources until February 20th 2023. Please note that after this date, you will be automatically redirected into our new community."

So... I guess if you still have any important stuff there, make sure to e.g. use Wayback Machine or Archive.today to archive it. Only very few days left.

Farewell, old friend forum 🤧


  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 1,206 Pulse

    Yeah I suspected they would soon drop it, tho though it may last longer than a year I guess as time moves on the answers are less applicable and what useful info is burried in there will never be found by the new generation who no longer "google" answers but ask an AI companion to find the answers.

    Oh well, price of progress... Part of me still prefers the old forum for several reasons tho.

  • ANDREW221231
    ANDREW221231 Member Posts: 270 Saw

    fortunately it looks like much of it is backed up on the wayback machine. seems unlikely all the files will be backed up tho :/

  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 943 admin

    This was there for a couple of weeks but yes we had to move ahead with the redirects a little bit faster than anticipated. We did back everything up on our end though and the forum is still accessible by our web team.

    Just for context, 95% of the traffic on the old community was generated by around 1000 URLs and we mapped these out manually to relevant discussions here the best we could. Anything that only got a handful of views was redirected to the homepage.

    We saved all the content on our end in case we needed it or we wanted to make some available to users. We know that "Kontakt Scripting" and "Building with Reaktor" was already mentioned to us as important to keep. With that said, the traffic in these area was ranking pretty low.

  • tmpc
    tmpc Member Posts: 38 Sine

    If you saved it, why not leave it available to everyone?

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