Using Komplete Kontrol S88 Across Multiple Midi Channels in Maschine 2

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I am running Maschine 2 in my DAW with 1 instrument loaded to each of the 8 groups A-H (so 8 instruments total). Each one of these instruments is linked to a separate midi input channel except group 1, which has the entire group linked to a channel (drums) rather than a single pad.

Group 1 is midi channel 1, group 2 sound 1 is midi channel 2, group 3 sound 1 is midi channel 3, etc.

This works flawlessly with my midi controllers.

However, I am hoping there is a way to use my Komplete Kontrol S88 as normal in this situation. When groups/sounds are not locked to midi channels, changing the group changes the sound that the KK is controlling. Now that everything is locked to specific midi channels, KK will only transmit on midi channel 1 regardless of which instrument is currently selected in Maschine, even though the light guide and everything else changes to indicate the selected instrument and the Maschine hardware itself continues to function as normal.

The only workaround I have found so far is to set up midi templates in Komplete Kontrol software for each midi channel, which again works flawlessly, but I am not a fan of switching into plugin mode to tweak settings, scroll through presets, etc. and then switching back to midi mode to actually play the thing, not to mention I really like the light guide for certain instruments. Is there any way to preserve the functionality of KK when sounds are locked to midi input channels other than 1?


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    That will be your only way.

    KK only works with "first layer" instruments so you can only access channel 1 in "Smart Mode" otherwise you have to setup templates on channels and do things that way.

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    I was afraid that was the case. That said, is there perhaps a way to switch between groups or sounds in the Maschine plugin with an external midi controller without locking those groups/sounds into separate midi channels? I've tried some midi commands and macros and such, but midi is proving very tricky when using Maschine as a plugin instead of standalone. The only way I have found that works is separate midi channels, which unfortunately leads to the situation with the Komplete Kontrol I have now. Hoping for a "best of both worlds" thing that I may be missing here. The DAW I am using is FL Studio if that makes any difference.

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    It's not all that useful for thaty purpose to use Maschine within a DAW.

    I use Ableton Live, not used FLS since it was "Fruity Loops" but in Live you can set extra tracks to send MIDI on the required channel and the keyboard can then stay in channel 1 mode BUT because the track you switch to does not contain an instance of the KK plugin (it's an empty track sending midi to another track and receiving audio back from the plugins secondary outputs) it still has the same issue that you have, where you lose all NKS control and only have generic MIDI control.

    There is simply no way around that, you can only control that "first layer" and nothing deeper.

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