Demo mode for Reaktor User Library downloads?

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Have downloaded some products from the User Library , and when loaded, I get a prompt saying "Demo Products"-Reaktor Blocks is not yet registered. I've had Reaktor for over a year so I'm not sure what this means. The product has been diabled due to "one" modification. I haven't modified anything. I haven't been able to access the product yet to modify it. Everything is all blued out. What do I do to access the product just to see if it's what I'm looking for? I'm told to go to Native Access to activate the product, but once I get to N.A., it's not apparent to me what to do. Any help? Thanks!

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  • Monochrome
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    Do you own the full version of REAKTOR or just the free REAKTOR Player?

    To load user-created REAKTOR content, you must have the full version of REAKTOR. The Player can only run User Library ensembles in demo mode.

  • flubotti
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    Thanks for responding. I own a full version so that's why I'm a little perplexed. I'm getting this prompt with several different ensembles, not just from one creator. Any other ideas as to be what's going on? Thanks!

  • Paule
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    You must be registered with NI Blocks.

    There is Blocks Primes and Blocks Base.

  • flubotti
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    Thanks Paule, I wasn't aware that there were two different classes of Blocks. Are you saying that only with Blocks Primes will these instruments become accessible?

  • Paule
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    In one part of U/L I use TRK-01 PLAY Bass and Kick. For that you need also an avtivation.

    My answer above is a tip by uwe303 anywhere here in the Reaktor forum.


    7 months ago

    Hi Paule, Found the problem - Reaktor Blocks needed to be re-registered. Thanks for all your great work here. Amazing stuff.


    3 months ago

    The moderator Uwe303 answered quickly: Hello, on my computer it works perfekt, as far as i know you need blocks base?

  • flubotti
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    So now I have installed Blocks Primes, and reinstalled Blocks Base, but am still faced with the same issue. Tried to re-register Blocks Base, but I get suck in the holding pattern of "Registering your product....please wait". Well ten minutes later, I'm still waiting...then twenty when I go back to N.A., more "waiting". So that's not working. Anything else come to mind that I could try? And YES, I totally agree with Strauss...thanks for all your incredible work!!!!! You're amazing, and I really appreciate all you help!

  • Paule
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    edited February 2023

    I'm on pc and it works quiet well for me. I never got a message to re-register Blocks.

    Are there any other Blocks inside the ensemble? By bolabo or Michael Hettrick?

    Both offers a freePack.

    Please send uwe303 a PN. He is a moderator.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Sorry to jump so late in that thread. Are you still struggling with this? If you haven't yet I'd recommend contacting our support agents here:

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