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    Has Audio8dj psu plug? Did you tried with psu plugged?

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    I haven't used my audio 10 in a few years, and the multicore cables are gone. I've managed to get it hooked up to new Mac (updated firmware etc), and updated my version of Traktor. I want to use timecode vinyl and also mix analog vinyl on two turntables with an external rotary mixer (Urei 1620).

    In the past I connected the turntable rcas to the audio 10 inputs and the output was split to 2 separate channels on the external mixer - one for direct thru to phono channel and one for track deck to a line channel. So 2 turntables using 4 channels on the external mixer. The Urei's channel 1&2 are phono only, there is no switch. I liked being able to separate direct thru and line output to a separate channel on the mixer because I don't have to keep adjusting gain every time I switch.

    @Mark_NI do you have any suggestions?

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    Hi @jshin32,

    I think the easiest way to achieve your hybrid setup with analog and timecode vinyl is the Live Input functionality - in this mode, the analog audio is routed through Traktor (where you could also apply FX if you like) and then sent out as a Line signal. Hence, you would hook up two A10 outputs to two AUX inputs of the 1620 and switch between external and internal audio in Traktor.

    Please find the setup & workflow explained in the following tutorial:

    How to use External Audio as Live Input in TRAKTOR

    I hope this helps!

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