After crash re-install - Where to start

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Hello guys,

My hard drive died a couple of days ago so I had to buy a new one and start everything from zero... almost...

Fortunately I can still acces to all my files conneting my old drive as external.

I am now in the process of re-installing everything, I am pretty sure it already happened to some of you, where should I start ? I mean with NI plugins in particular.

Should I start by installing NI Access then installing the plugins from there? Looks like there is a new version of NI Access ? NI Access 2 ?

I am not even sure to be able to remember which plugin was installed or not and I'm even only speaking about NI plugins here...

And how can I do to get back my preferences, banks etc... with for instance Kontakt, Reaktor, Battery and the like?

Can I copy/paste some folders from "AppData/Roaming" and/or "Program Files" or "Documents" to sort of restore my setups, preferences and sounds? If so, should I do this after having re-installed all the plugins?

As I am still in the begining I am sure that more issues and questions will emerge

Any advise from experience is so welcome



  • Gee_Flat
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    Doesn't Kontakt show a 'Locate' button under the missing library? If you copy the old files to the new drive then test it. Try one library first. Something small, like Analog Dreams.

  • JUN
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    Yes sure. I should try with Kontakt first may be.

    I really hope I can recover those shortcuts to instruments you can when you right click within the keyboard zone (if I remember correctly)

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @JUN if you need to reinstall, simply start by installing Native Access and log into your account. All your products will be available for you to download there. 

     If you need to reinstall any libraries you have on your external drive, please follow the steps outlined in this article:

    Reinstalling a KOMPLETE Bundle Without Re-Downloading KONTAKT Libraries

  • JUN
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    Hi @Kaiwan_NI

    Everything about re-install went well.

    The only issue I have is to open current projets. Anything related with Reaktor 5 and 6 seems to be very messy.

    When I want to open a project in cubase I got a message saying that each Reaktor 5/6 instruments were not found...

    So, could I use a trick with this by copying some folders/files from my old drive into the new one? And if so, which one? from App/Data/Local, App/Data/Roaming, Program Data, Program Files/x86 or Documents ???

    I have so many projets stucked now, it is a bit scary.

    Thanks for any suggestion

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