GUITAR RIG 5 PRO presets not loading in Studio One

Victor Kennedy
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When I open Guitar Rig 5 Pro as a standalone I can easily tweak and then save my User Presets, and can load/recall them as expected.

BUT when I use Guitar Rig as an insert in Studio One my User Presets won't load...they are present in the Browser to the left, but they just will not load, meaning if I want to use my User Presets in the DAW I'd need to write down the components in each preset, then manually 'make those presets' all over again in S1.

Also, the Volume Preset module is not listed in the Tools section of my GR5. It's present in existing presets, but if I Clear the whole rack in order to make a new preset from scratch there's no Preset Volume module to include at the bottom of the Rack.

All suggestions to both these issues is appreciated. Thanks...

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