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I keep getting repeated 'download failed' on Native Access 2. Gets to around 3GB then stops. If I resume it then fails again a short time later.

I have tried the advice here to no avail.

Does anyone else have this issue and is there anything I can try.




  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,525 admin

    Hi @randybobandy I saw you've been in touch with our support team already. Please keep us updated how you get on.

    On another note, we released a new version of Native Access yesterday. Can you please try with this version and see if the issue still persists?

  • Hayo_NI
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    Hey Randy. Lately we've been discussing some download improvements and one part includes downloads that randomly fail due to perhaps some tiny moments of connectivity drops on various ends, so just letting you know we're aware of this.

  • rec0d
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    I have the same issue. I ahve followed this guide

    I can't install any native access products. I was going to test komplete now.

  • alpha-w
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    Hello All,

    I had the same problem, but only for "really big instruments", e.g. Session Strings Pro2, Thrill - although there was enough space on the drives available.

    I assumed that maybe some relicts are in the download folder (with reference to the Windows registry?), so I changed the download folder and with the 4th try I was able to install Session Strings Pro 2. Will try Thrill tomorrow.



  • alpha-w
    alpha-w Member Posts: 23 Member

    addition: Thrill work good as well. So changing the download folder might help

  • randybobandy
    randybobandy Member Posts: 4 Member

    Support could not really help beyond the trouble shooting already online. However around that time NA went to 3.2 and that version seemed to fix things for me.

    On March 30th I updated to the latest 3.2.2. A large download (70GB) worked fine afterward, but a subsequent re-install I need to do is failing before anything even starts to download. So for the new issue it's probably not the aforementioned connectivity problem.

    Any help is much appreciated.

  • remedydub
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    Hi @Kaiwan_NI

    So when do we get our tools back?

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    What tools @remedydub? 🤔

  • blakstar
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    Any solutions here, I'm running into this on my m1 Mac and on my AMD windows 11 PC. Download is just not working, and I've disabled everything (firewalls) removed my pi-hole out of the equation. Everything worked just fine a few months ago.

  • Ohmage1
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    Been having download probs for a couple of days trying to install on new system. Regular PIA !

    Could resume download but stopped randomly,especially tiresome on larger files. Had tried all versions of NA too.

    However,don't know why,but i thought i'd turn my vpn ON

    Not had an issue since !

    No clue as to why lol

    Might help someone

    Surfshark vpn btw.

  • Paul A Gore
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    At some point, we need to reframe what Native Access actually does. It is a stretch to refer to it as an installation program since it now no longer installs anything for many users (based on this thread and many others on the web). I like to think of it as a program that shows you the elements of Native Instruments that you paid hundreds to over a thousand dollars on - and the ones that have been improved that you won't be able to "Access" without considerable contortions and downloading other programs that make the Native Access program do the job it is supposed to do!

    I've gotten into the habit of only updating my elements once or twice a year since actually getting them to install (with the contortions mentioned above) takes the better part of a half a day.

    It is unfortunate that the company can't figure this out - even it means figuring out what is SO special about the systems of those of us who are having problems.

  • Denvin
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    I have the same problem currently. I purchased the Komplete 14 Ultimate bundle recently. I have been able to download and install all of the instruments and expansions except 'Noire'. I've tried doing what this article says multiple times. It doesn't work

    I've also tried changing the locations of the different folders to different drives, etc. Nothing seems to work. 'Noire' is a big reason I updated my Komplete, but it's frustrating that I've not been able to download it.

    I've also raised a support ticket and have had no response for more than 30 hours. It's really annoying when you purchase a product and it doesn't work and then to reach support it is such a task with no quick resolution.

  • Davros
    Davros Member Posts: 2 Newcomer


    So I purchase/upgrade to NI Komplete 14 CE and all the instruments will install except 1>

    Symphony Series Brass Ensemble ****** out downloading at 10.57GB, have cleared/removed the iso folders that get stuck at 10.57GB and redownloaded again it just won't download the installer beyond that point again>

    I have created a ticket with NI and posted about it here even though MY POST about it has not been APPROVED yet and it been a WHILE........

    When are NI going to FIX THIS download BUG?

  • Denvin
    Denvin Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    They've finally responded to my ticket and sent me a separate download of the instrument (Noire) that wasn't working for me.

    It's up and running now.

    Yea, would hope that this glitch gets sorted out completely and that they would have a quicker response time.

  • Abhi2879
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    I just purchased a new S61 today and trying to get it setup. I have Native Access installed and unfortunately it wont download anything. Not even the Komplete Kontrol app which I believe is the first download.

    It just starts counting up time and then says download failed. Without any error messages. I have tried to create separate locations for the 3 folders, and grant all kinds of permissions to the folders (on Windows 11) but nothing works.

    Right now this is a useless piece of hardware.

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