Why Native Access installs Kontakt 7 with a product WITHOUT giving a choice for 6.x owners

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Tried to install a product that runs on my 6.53 Kontakt, that is installed on my system. Why is Native Access installs Kontakt 7, blathering something about a "must" and dependencies, not giving a choice to NOT install 7 (which I do not plan to install in the next couple of years if at all).

Seems this is done (very) intentionally, because it is a default. It does not offer to install a product by itself.

Can anybody from NI confirm what is happening and why NI installs unwanted software (Kontakt 7), when it is NOT the requirement for the piece software I tried to install? Would really like a clear answer.

Thank you.



  • Bluebeat3
    Bluebeat3 Member Posts: 18 Newcomer

    48 hours - no response.

  • Gee_Flat
    Gee_Flat Member Posts: 906 Guru

    What, pray tell, is this mystery software of which you speak? I still use NA 1.x.x, so I have yet to encounter this.

  • Bluebeat3
    Bluebeat3 Member Posts: 18 Newcomer

    Action Strings 2.

    Too bad I didn't make a screenshot. It did not give me a choice of not to install Kontakt7 player.

    NA ver 3.1.0...

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Bluebeat3 was it this message about dependencies you've got?

    Native Access Error: "Please grant permission to NTK Daemon to install dependencies"

    If so, it's related to Native Access, and not Action Strings 2 requiring Kontakt 7. 🤔

    Kontakt 7 Player is automatically available on Native Access right after it was released but you have an option whether to install it or not. Perhaps you click to install all?

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