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Traktor Kontrol S4 remove cue point 1 actually removes cue point 2

TimDuckworth Member Posts: 4 Member
edited February 2023 in Traktor Software & Hardware

If I have all 8 cue points set and I want to delete cue point 1 I hit SHIFT + PAD 1.

PAD 2 light goes out and cue point 2 has been deleted!

If I then hit SHIFT + PAD 1 (again) then PAD 1 light goes out and cue point 1 has been deleted (which is what I want) but I've lost cue point 2.



  • Markovicz
    Markovicz Customer Care Posts: 381 mod

    Hi @TimDuckworth, it would be great to know which S4 generation are you using: MK1 (black jog wheels), MK2 (silver jog wheels) or MK3 (motorized jog wheels). Also, please specify your OS and the Traktor version. THX!

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,527 mod

    It would be also good to know if the issue could be duplicated with all tracks or is ut just a single file. And also that there are no custom mappings made to the default mapping. Currently it sounds like you are storing a multiple grid marker as a hotcue.

  • TimDuckworth
    TimDuckworth Member Posts: 4 Member

    I use Mixed In Key to create my initial set of hot cues. During playback in Traktor (using Kontrol S4) I delete and hot cues so I can move other hotcues.

    Is there a problem with the hotcues created by Mixed In Key when played on Traktor?

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