[Feature Request] Komplete Mk2 keyboards mod wheel/pitch bend/touch strip MIDI channel control

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edited February 2023 in Komplete Kontrol

As discussed here https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/4897/midi-channel-for-pedal-and-wheels, the Mk2 Komplete Kontrol keyboards currently do not support configuring the Mod Wheel, Pitch Bend dial, and Touch Strip to send data on any MIDI channel other than 1, even though the keyboard itself can be switched (using the onboard Channel up/down control buttons) to send data on *any* MIDI channel (1-16).

This is a feature request to Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol product team @Nicki_NI @Nico_NI to please roll out a firmware update for these keyboards that enables changing the MIDI Channel (via Controller Editor) the Mod Wheel / Pitch Bend dial / Touch Strip can control. This was, *all* controls on the keyboard can control the instrument on the MIDI channel currently selected.

Please +1 if you are user who would like to see this product enhancement realized.


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