Kontakt 5: unable to see external hard drive music libraries on Kontakt within Logic Pro X

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I looked through multiple channels and it seems I'm out of luck.

I just upgraded to an MBP 14 M2 MAX and transferred everything over. The transfer was not too complex but now I'm stumped. When I go to "Files" in Kontakt (through Logic Pro X), I see my external hard drive. But the external drive doesn't list any of my VSTs as it used to on my older MBP.

Same thing when I open Kontakt directly! BUT, when I attempted to click on "Import" and selected the location of the VSTs, a window appears that shows "Progress" and "Converting." After 20 min I force quit kontakt and opened it up again directly, and my files appeared!

When I try it through Logic, I do a similar process and it's stuck on "Progress" and "Converting." But In this case when I force quit and opened the software, my files don't show.

Should I let this try to go through the process or will I have to probably reinstall Logic or Kontakt again? I'm lost at this point and I really don't want these files (256gb) on my laptop directly, even though I have 1tb of storage.

Here's a photo of the issue. Again, it shows the external HD, but not the files contained. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! I'm just ready to create again at this point 😌


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    Hi @greyelton it looks like Kontakt is unable find its samples because their file paths are invalid. Can you please try the steps in this article to correct the file paths?

    How to Batch re-save a KONTAKT Library

    If it doesn't help, you might need to get in touch with our support team directly: https://bit.ly/n1konta 

    Btw I noticed that you're using Kontakt 5 on M2. Note that it is not officially supported so there's a risk that the program will not run correctly...

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