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Time to jump ship from native , it’s with a sad heart but I can’t cope with the ****** browser flicker anymore and too many bugs that take too long to sort out , week in week out I’ve been patient.

. I’ve been with the software since the very very beginning and have always shouted it from the rooftops but just can’t anymore. Maybe one day I will be back but for now a denon prime 4 is ready to open . ( with no doubt a learning curve and some other problems! )

Thanks to a great community that have always helped ( and griped ! ). It’s been a brilliant part of my Dj career !



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    Sad news but really don’t blame you. Loads have left and the remaining hardcore like yourself are alway moving on or have now moved on or trying other software. I had the prime 4, it was very good, I just prefer Traktor. I’ll see how this year goes and take from there. Good luck in your new dj adventures.

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    Goodbye beautiful person. this place will soon be filled with these titles. We'll watch and discuss how admins delete these threads. be sure we will fight :) good luck to you in your exciting and new experiences…

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    I am indeed a nobody here, and my heart is young. (NI Forum)

    But I see that the Tractor is slowly fading into oblivion.

    I have heard many good things from others, but, that is no longer true...

    Sadly, for two years they have been patching up the mistakes and creating new ones. it really is a disaster. everyone talks about the problems, but apart from us, does anyone else care to read this!

    Today only the PLUS are interested in the NI people. Which offers nothing in plus ...

     I really don't know what to say. I have not used my controller for almost 1 month now because of all the bugs.

    .... 😥

  • Kayya
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    Glad to see @Kaiwan_NI here. We are happy to hear a voice. Regardless of the topic among users, we only see you persistently. So, without any disrespect, we would like to ask you, how do you interpret the situation we are in?

  • neodjandre
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    I must say I also was with Traktor since day 1.. Traktor 1.0 ! like for 20 years... I went to Pioneer last year.. guess what, I came back and I regret leaving Traktor.

    As a UX designer and hardcore Traktor fan I have lots of ideas for the perfect Traktor x1 mk3, if anyone from the NI team wants to talk to me.

    Why I came back to Traktor:

    • I don't get any major bugs (sorry for everyone else who has them)
    • The Traktor software is simply the best designed software compared to everything else that exists
    • The beat-matching engine of Traktor is by far the tightest and the best - period.
    • Traktor measures beats to cue out of the box when setting cue points. With Rekordbox you have to set both cue points and memory cues separately which is a pain

    What I would like to see in Traktor:

    • Better sorting for playlists (i.e. sorting by two or more columns)
    • Ability to rearrange playlists in the folder structure (not alphabetically)

    I would like to know if any other software offers a better killer function that Traktor doesn't have, cause I tried everything..

  • Sûlherokhh
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    Better sorting for playlists (i.e. sorting by two or more columns)

    You can do this by holding CTRL/STRG and then selecting two columns, one after the other.

  • Stevan
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    I would also like to add the stability to the list.

    TRAKTOR is still a king for many reasons.

  • Kayya
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    When it comes to design, this company is a big company. a company where the philosophy of business and design is established on good ground. but we spend a few years staring blankly at this beautiful design screen. This is exactly the issue.

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    Does a good job as 'Community Manager', but that's like asking your waiter what the ingredients are in the chef's soup of the day.

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    I have no problems with Traktor. No display flickering (I guess it applies only to certain models of Intels. Or maybe also AS.), no instability, not a single problem.

    I would also prefer if one could arrange/sort playlists according the taste/desire. It is alphabetical order, now. Also Copy/Paste one or more playlists would be fine.

  • Spazoo
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  • Winno
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    Much appreciated for the reply… if the denon doesn’t work out I might be back…. I know I’m gonna miss traktor so so much ..but working live in a fairly big dance floor led venue it’s too much now. I need reliability to keep a job and customers happy.

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    Oh man, NI blacklisted this thread. New post don't bump it to the top any more.

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