[BUG] Battery - User kits in user preference folder are not added to library

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Bought some 3rd party kits (Yurt). Following the import instructions, some of them (2/3rds) end up in my library.

Of the kits that do not get added to the library (Indie Rock Battery Bundle):

I can load them by navigating to them via the files navigator, and they load just fine:

Notice that I've got the path to the Indie Rock Battery Bundle in the preferences:

But the kit I loaded (Spork Kit) isn't in the library list:

I've tried renaming the files and folders, but can't make it work.

Notice that I have these on a drive dedicated to my 3rd party content (including all the Native Instruments content), as opposed to the default location (ie, C:\Users\scott\Documents\Native Instruments\Battery 4\Kits).

Also notice that these are not in the same folder as the other Native Instruments content.

Lastly, notice that some of the other Yurt kits (Drumkit Bundle, EFX Bundle, etc.) actually do get imported in the library.

This is on the Windows 11 OS.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @ScottEOsborn Since it's a third party product would you have a link to these kits? Have you contacted them about the issue? Can you zip one kit with samples, one that doesn't show up so we can try to reproduce the issue?

  • ScottEOsborn
    ScottEOsborn Member Posts: 2 Member
    edited February 2023

    Hey Jeremy -

    Sorry for the delay (have been without power and the files are on my desktop computer). I've attached the spork kit that I referred to earlier.

    These kits are from Yurt Rock, and this particular set is the Indie Rock bundle found at The Indie Rock Drums BATTERY Bundle – Yurt Rock. I have not contacted them about it, mostly because the kit loads if you select is using the file navigator. Also, seems like you guys would have a better idea on what's wrong with these particular kits.

    THANKS for looking into it!

  • Soundsmith23
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    I am having the same problem with kits have recently purchased from F9.

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