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    Just curious...Will NI offer any discounts or crossgrade offers for those of us who recently bought MK2 S88 and still paying it off for example? I am definitely interested in the MK3 version which means getting rid of the current one I own since I would not have room for 2 88 keyboards. Is our only choice to sell it? Would be nice if there was a trade in option.

  • PK The DJ
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    on vacation or something

    It did state in the first post that they would be responding from the 18th.

  • Calaban
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    Will the list of supported DAWS be expanded to include Reaper?

    I have been holding off for years on buying an NI keyboard because I don’t want to fiddle with a 3rd party solution in order to integrate with Reaper.

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    Ask me anything- do you want some toast

  • nightjar
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    I haven’t burned a cd in many years… so no thanks

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    Damn. Somebody tell me which one to pre-order, lol!🤣

    I can't afford the 88. The 61 would go superbly above my Fantom 6.

    But the 49 would fit anywhere except my back pocket. "Is that a keyboard in your pocket?"

    "Why yes...yes it is."

    "Why do you have a keyboard in your back pocket?"

    "Because God told me it should be at least 2 cubits long. That and a cello wouldn't fit!"😉

    Cue "Here Comes the Flood" by Peter Gabriel.

    Okay, that was loony. I probably should make some food and then order a 61 key model with a side of World Peace, right?

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    Are there plans for reaktor integration without the kk app

  • JesterMgee
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    Lots of questions, don’t yet see any answers tho.

  • Home Studio
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    Till Komplete Kontrol soft out...

  • Kymeia
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    Not till the 18th, like the other Q&A threads the idea is to generate a bunch of question then address a representative selection of them in one go

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    don’t yet see any answers tho

    You won't until the has already been stated.

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    No Faders. NO FADERS!!! This is a no buy for me!

    Not enough to take me away from my S88 Mk2.

    Shame you did not listen to what people were asking for.

    Faders are a must, when using orchestral libraries, and mixing.

    You could have easily added 9 faders, along with the 8 rotary knobs.

    I really hope Fatar has updated the Key-bed on this MK3 to fix the issue with the Grease on the Keys drying up and causing the noisy clicky keys after 1 year of use.

    They need to create a proper grease pocket on the white keys like the black keys have, so the grease does not just run down the key.

    Even better would be a coating on the inside of the keys, so when the grease does wear down, you don't get the plastic-on-plastic noise of the inner key hitting the key-post. (This causes the click sound)

  • Milkman
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    Does the new MK3 keyboard come with a Furman power regenerator? If not, let me know when NI decides to do the right thing, and bundle this with industrial grade power conditioning. City power grids are always ignored, and its time for them to get some love.

    heh heh heh

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