Guitar Rig 6 upgrade stopping other Windows audio

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I'm having an annoying issue since I upgraded from GR 5 to 6. I'm playing through a Komplete Kontrol 2 audio interface and had that set up to also manage the Windows sound for all computer audio. With GR5 that worked fine - eg I could play youtube videos, mp3's etc and jam along. Since GR6 was installed, as soon as I open it (and it affects GR5 now also), the Windows audio seems to disconnect from being routed through the Komplete Control audio interface and just goes back to playing through the laptop speakers/internal sound card. I presume there is just some audio setting that has changed with the GR6 installation that needs put back but I'm clueless - any expertise would be greatly appreciated!

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    Check what audio sample rate/bit depth Windows is set to in your Sound Devices settings":

    Make sure in GR the audio settings are the same as Windows

    You may also need to switch the driver option in GR audio settings if ASIO does not work and allow other applications to use the audio at the same time.


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