[New release] Dive into our new Techno expansion 'Lunar Echoes' 🌙

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Berlin-based Alexander Kowalski, a longstanding figure in Techno history, collaborated with us on a new expansion.

Focusing on the rebellious Berlin sound fused with the soulful Detroit influence, Lunar Echoes brings the essential kits and grooves to spice-up your club bangers.

From hypnotic arpeggios and lush dub chords to rolling basslines, everything was thoroughly processed with legendary analog gear to deliver the highest quality sounds, directly to your DAW.

We stopped by Alexander’s studio to know more about the making process.

Check it out below 👇


  • imagevoice
    imagevoice Member Posts: 25 Member

    Nice work from Alexander for sure - but at the end sadly just same of the same - over and over again 😒 I really miss some innovation...something more bad a** and pioneering or electronic indie stuff. Producers/Artists like Mad Zach, Carpenter Brute, Ken Marshall, Tommy Cash or IC3PEAK would be really interesting. Suprise us! 😘

  • Retro-8
    Retro-8 Member Posts: 3 Member

    NI team please do a soundbank focused on synthwave !!

  • finderzh
    finderzh Member Posts: 2 Member
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    ...Just powered up my Maschine + and it's not showing Lunar Echoes as available.

  • Steve Lespaul
    Steve Lespaul Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I have just purchased this, installed ok but it is not showing up in kontact or anywhere on my daw, so I can't use it. Not great service Native Instruments, disappointed 🤬

  • Matt_NI
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  • ShelLuser
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    Always look carefully at a product description which you can find on the product page. As you can see the expansion contains drum kits for Massive & Maschine, presets for Massive & Monark and also has some Maschine exclusive contents (expansions are generally speaking mostly meant to be used with Maschine).

    But don't worry, this doesn't have to end badly for you just yet:

    See, Expansions contain a ton of samples and better yet: these samples are usually unrestricted, so there's nothing stopping you from using them in your DAW. Either in a sampler instrument that's provided by your DAW, but theoretically you could even load the samples into Kontakt.

    Start by opening the folder where you have the expansion installed, you'll see a "Samples" folder (as shown in my screenshot) and here you'll find all available samples nicely grouped together in dedicated folders.

    So, for example, in the drums folder you'll find sub-folders like "clap", "cymbal", "hihat", etc. Same applies to the other "folder categories" too. Sure, it won't be fully the same as using this within Maschine (or Monark / Massive / etc.) but at least it doesn't have to become a fluke purchase. Trust me: some of these samples are honestly pretty good and while it may be a bit more work it should be somewhat easily doable to use them somewhere else.

    Some time ago I tried this method to load up a bunch of these samples within "Kong" (= drum designer instrument within Reason) and... it just worked.

    Maybe food for thought?

  • Daysun
    Daysun Member Posts: 6 Member

    I have to agree with @imagevoice. I am not trying to be cruel. I am watching the behind-the-scenes video. I am not really impressed. I like how the first synth sounded. I really want to make some groundbreaking music. The sounds have great texture, but have we heard this before?

  • lens
    lens Member Posts: 5 Member

    Have the same issue, cant load it on maschine+…

  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 1,122 admin

    For anyone with issues trying to find Lunar Echoes on Maschine +, please check this thread: Lunar Echoes not showing up in Maschine +

  • djshire1984
    djshire1984 Member Posts: 3 Member

    So what's the difference between this and Indigo Dust?

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,646 admin

    @djshire1984 said:

    So what's the difference between this and Indigo Dust?

    I think Lunar Echoes is deeper, more moody and angsty - build-up kinda vibes whereas Indigo Dust is more euphoric - something to close the set maybe.

  • Dan Wilkinson
    Dan Wilkinson Member Posts: 2 Member

    I have not tested fully, but I downloaded Lunar Echoes to Mac storage and then dropped the folder in the user content in M+ and it seems to access most things fine,

    Looking forward to the update :)

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