Keyboard shortcuts for certain functions in Komplete Kontrol?

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Just thought I'd ask this, even though I'm almost sure there isn't a possibility, but... can you, for instance, switch the pages of assignable controls in Komplete Kontrol with a keyboard shortcut? My keyboard does have assignable buttons, but, the problem is, if I use the keyboard (Novation Impulse 49) with the HUI protocol, which maps the faders and knobs to control the DAW tracks, volume, mixer sends etc., then those assignable buttons won't work, because they're hardcoded to HUI control.

It would be great to be able to control such functions via the computer keyboard, when the Komplete Kontrol plugin has focus in the DAW.


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    The issue in a daw is even if a plug-in has focus from the midi keyboard it’s not always in focus as a window since the daw side is so you would have to click it with the mouse. Then also it would try steal the keyboard shortcut from the host. Some hosts won’t let the keys through. Only thing you can do is midi map a button for page change or use something like bone midi translator to take keyboard shortcuts and send midi signals.

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    Thanks, I'll have a look. Maybe I'll just get a Komplete Kontrol A series keyboard one day anyway, as I like the software.

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    Oops , very sorry, wrong thread !

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    The general opinion is new hardware is in the works, although no idea how far off. Anyway I couldn't cope with an A series myself with that tiny little LED instead of a proper screen and no aftertouch.

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    Yeah, those are the issues I have with it as well. And the reason I still have my Novation Impulse 49 keyboard.

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