Ashlight Upgrade?

David Wise
David Wise Member Posts: 10 Member

For those of us with Komplete Ultimatum 13 - what is the best way to get Ashlight? is it to Upgrade ( my account doesn't think I have the included other 2 lights - e.g. Farlight ) or just top wait until Komplete Ultimatum 14 comes out?


  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,591 Expert

    It seems to me there is no better price for users of K13U, I have tried several times.

    I expect K14 come in 5 months or so, if 2yr pattern of releases will be kept on. Whether wait for K14U or buy (probably full price) now is up to you.

  • David Wise
    David Wise Member Posts: 10 Member

    Thank you Kubrak.

    Appreciate your reply. I too had tried several times.

    It would be great to have Ashlight, but not essential.So I'll wait for K14U, whenever that is.

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,591 Expert

    So do I. So far, I keep using demo.

  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 950 admin

    The offer right now is just on the bundle of three. We have an upgrade path if you own 1 of the instrument individually. The best here would probably be to wait for the next Komplete update or another offer (like the 50% off ones on individual licenses)

  • joseorlandi
    joseorlandi Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I upgraded to Komplete 14 Collectors edition but Native Acces refuses to install Ashlight 1.5. It says it cannot uninstall previous version. I cannot find Ashlight in Programs and Features (Windows 11 Pro) or NI Uninstall utilities.


  • Paul A Gore
    Paul A Gore Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    Same problem here but not from a product upgrade... just the same old hanky panky known as Native Access - the install and upgrade program that neither installs nor upgrades!

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