Summer of Sound is here. What y'all doing?

The P.O.T.Y
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Summer of sound is here, what y'all doing? Upgrading or cross grading or getting in Komplete game?

Im upgrading, as I do every year. It's like my private Christmas, where I watch all walkthroughs again of things I wanted over time. Then buy it! But it's a lot more to it. Got compare Expansions that I already own or bought. Kontakt I upgraded already and more. Don't forget though....usually there is drops in Sept and deals in November. I want to see Maschine 3.0 this coming year.



  • Ed M
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    Well, if you own the Collectors edition, the Summer of Sale is kind of a non-event. I've been checking out some of the 3rd party offers, but besides some nice-to-haves no real must-haves for me. My private Christmas happens every 2 years when there's a new version of Komplete 😄

  • Monochrome
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    I've finally updated to Komplete 14 Standard. I'm also thinking about buying an Expansion, but... other than that, I think I'm good to go with what I have right now.

  • darkwaves
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    I want see Maschine 3.0 this coming year.


    I might consider trying to figure out why my upgrade to k14 and k14u are the same price. I have k12UCE. I kind of want to get the new guitar rig, kontakt and a couple of the guitar/bass libraries.

    They seem to want to use maschine plus to upgrade to komplete instead of using my existing collectors edition license. I'm not really all that interested in continuing with expansions or continuing with "ultimate".

    I'm a bit hesitant until I see movement on the M+ side. Maybe I'll wait to see if a reaktor 7 shows up next year.

  • Royal Tee
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    Here's something that is kinda flaky.

    Upgraded to 13CE during SOS-21.... $299.50

    Upgrade price to 14CE this year... 249.50

    Pretty straight forward BUT,

    the price for upgrading to 14CE from 12CE and 13CE are the same!! So basically updating this year you're essentially paying double??? $550 vs $250???

    What kinda system is that??

    So it's better to wait every 2 years? This isn't sitting well especially since it's the most expensive of all the editions.

    Is it too early for math, am I missing something?

  • Monochrome
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    @Royal Tee What you see as $249.50 is the Update price. It's 1/3 of the regular (Full Version) price.

    The Upgrade price is always the same: You're basically just paying the difference between two different editions (e.g. Ultimate vs Collector's Edition) - which is half the price.

    If you own 13CE, then you would only need to pay for the Update to 14CE.

  • Maciej Repetowski
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    I am going to upgrade to Komplete 14 Ultimate. I was planning to just update Kontakt 7 to full version, but I like Pharlight, Ashlight and Mysteria a lot. Also, Play series has grown significantly.

  • Flexi
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    Collectors edition here and I wont be updating unless NI starts updating something, NI are AFK right now, and I don't care if somebody finds that to be hate speech and reports me to the moderators again.

  • tetsuneko
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    Upgraded to Kontakt 7 for 50€

    My stance with NI remains unchanged — Traktor, Kontakt and Reaktor are all that matter to me. Never ever buying Komplete, got more than enough toys already, not into sound expansions either (I prefer "custom" content & DIY over buying readily curated genre specific dross)

  • Flexi
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    Komplete used to be insanely good value, the amount of excellent VST synths and effects was off the chain for the money, but inevitably it started to fall apart, first it was a few extra sample packs and some Reaktor stuff added, then mainly just sample packs added, then insult to injury, Soundwide took over and the new stuff was other Soundwide companies like Izotope, and mostly the element stuff that they had been throwing at people for pennies for years.

    I think the last plugin updated or added for Komplete was Guitar Rig 6, which they said would garner a whole new era of content and add ons for Guitar Rig, you can take a guess how that panned out.

    Now we have the developer of Reaktor saying in the forum that 6.5 is it, there will be no more updates for the foreseeable, I struggle to see the value in Komplete updating at this point, and I have paid updates for a long long time, it is sad times really.

  • ekwipt
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    Can someone tell me the xtra expansions you get from Ultimate to Collectors edition? I’m mainly interest in Maschine and Massive X (I currently don’t own Massive X)

  • Royal Tee
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    Think you missed my point...Which I'll reiterate for the sake of confusion.

    If someone paid to go from 12CE>13CE and then now from 13CE>14CE, they paid to upgrade twice.

    But, if you have 12CE you can upgrade straight to 14CE for the same price as going from 13CE>14CE.

    The price for upgrading from 12CE and 13CE to 14CE are the same.

    That's weird no?

    So it pays to not upgrade and wait an extra 2 years. If I'd known that I woulda saved $250 .

  • Reefius
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    So it pays to not upgrade and wait an extra 2 years. If I'd known that I woulda saved $250 .

    But then you also had to wait 2 years to use the new stuff that was added in 13CE.

  • ozon
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    I don’t need even more stuff I don’t use, which is what I’d get with any of these offers.

    I would pay for improvements of the stuff I use. Which is not offered.

  • Kymeia
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    Anyone know how you get the PA and NI coupons that come with Komplete Ultimate? I got the download links for NA within 5 mins then a code for the PA plugins but I should also have received 2 PA £29 coupons and 1 NI coupon but haven’t yet.

  • nanotable
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    So far I didn’t get the update, and it’s likely I’ll pass altogether. But I’ll probably buy an MPE synth instead, to complement my new Push 3. Wake me up when NI releases a new Reaktor instrument or makes Massive X MPE compatible.

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