Battery 4 - latest version, defaulting everytime I close the plugin instance

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Hi! With the previous versions of Battery 4, when I closed the plugin window of an instance of battery, and open it afterwards, my last search for samples of kits was still there, which I found very handy. With the latest version of Battery 4, installed through Native Access, as soon as I close the window and reopen the plugin instance, the search field is defaulted. Is there a preference that can be set to keep the old behavior? I can't find it, so please let me know:)

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  • EvilDragon
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    AFAIK there's no option to handle this behavior.

  • Adam2020
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    I'm having the same problem! It's really annoying for workflow. Especially as it didn't used to be a problem. Is there a way we can request it to be fixed in the next update?

  • Peter D. K.
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    Hi ! I am also experiencing this issue. As soon as I leave BATTERY like select another track and jump back to the same BATTERY the kit is set to default. This is work flow killer. Please help !

    Thank you

  • Drake Holloway
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    Yes this is crushing to me too. NI people said it is a known bug. I really want to ditch Battery because of it as I have to either print my midi once I get a sound or label my channel the name of the preset because it will lose the patch once I close the instance. Going to hold out and see if they can fix! If they don’t any suggestions on replacement?? I love Battery but man it’s a workflow killer.

  • Sunborn
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    Yes it's a known bug and forum has many posts about it. However there is a temporary solution but it's a bit time-consuming (if you have many projects).


    When opening a DAW project containing a BATTERY 4 track, a 'Missing Samples' dialogue appears. After relocating the samples and reopening the BATTERY window, the samples are gone again.


    In this example, we are using Logic Pro. However, the same instructions also apply to all other DAWs.

    1. Open your DAW session.

    2. When the Missing Samples dialog appears, point to the folder containing the samples / kits or search the File System.

    3. Click BATTERY's drop-down Main menu and select File > Save Kit As...

    4. Please choose a Kit name that you can easily associate with the specific track, so that you can load it again later. Also make sure to enable Patch Only on the Saving Kit window.

    5. Remove the BATTERY instance from the track - but not the whole track!

    6. Load BATTERY again on the same track.

    7. Load the saved BATTERY Kit again via File > Open Kit....

    8. Save your DAW project.

    Please repeat these steps for each BATTERY track in your DAW project.

    • However, for me the best solution is to recreate all your kits (even better, give them new names), delete any Battery channel in your DAW, on all of your projects, save them and start from scratch!
  • RobertDorn
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    BUMP! Hope the NI team will be looking into all the bugs (that weren't there) that have been introduced with the latest updates of battery.

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