Kontakt: How to stop glitching when switching snapshots

Mark Wesse
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As above

Any other NI instrument eg Kore can morph snapshots without issue. Now Im constrained to mainly use Kontakt but when you change snapshots, the sound is interrupted and unfortunately useless for live work...is there another setting or way to achieve glitch free preformance?


  • Blindeddie
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    Snapshots May require different samples to load which would cause the glitching...you might want to check out Instrument Banks and use Program Changes...

  • Mark Wesse
    Mark Wesse Member Posts: 46 Member

    I played all the notes and also loaded all the keyswitches manually

    Sample loading is instant as d2d and isn't really relevant. Even the simplest test ie octave change does it

    It literally use to take me 10 mins to do full mapping and layering in Kore...an absolute nightmare in multi in kontakt (in comparison)

  • Blindeddie
    Blindeddie Member Posts: 1,559 Expert

    loading all samples/keyswitches on one specific snapshot may not apply to another snapshot in the same library...can you provide a specific example?

  • Mark Wesse
    Mark Wesse Member Posts: 46 Member

    I save snapshot '1:

    Modify eg 1 parameter of same eg change filter...only 1 parameter

    Save snapshot 2

    Flick between and glitch happens


  • Mark Wesse
    Mark Wesse Member Posts: 46 Member
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    So it would seem the amount of live playing ie has ground to a halt :-( most people sitting.in a room by themselves else this be a would be a significant issue...become one for me because I'm trying to use komplete kontrol for other playerd

    I bypassed it for a while using Kore but alas will have to look for a better solution (tried gig performer but does work as plug)

    This is not how I understand d2d to work...correct me if I'm wrong but unless u r ram loading, it initially only loads the buffer not the samples which allow enough time for the stream process. If I'm simply recalling eg a parameter change then there is something significantly wrong eg it should be able to even keyswitch snapshots which is a logical use of it ie actually playing a layer of instruments rather than programming midi

    I will assume this is not possible in kontakt and only works in eg reaktor etc

    Cheers and hth anyone else searching

  • EvilDragon
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    You wouldn't use snapshots in Kontakt for live work. Snapshots in Kontakt don't mean the same thing as snapshots in Kore!

    You would use instrument banks. They enable you to live switch between instruments via MIDI Program Change messages, as it was mentioned earlier in thread. Kore-style snapshot morphing doesn't exist in Kontakt.


  • Mark Wesse
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    edited March 2023


    You are always on point!

    The issue is the terminology being consistent across the NI history of so many products and then it is applied in a different way without the functional equivalent.

    Snapshots have generally been minor variations of the common foundation...across the other things I use eg freestyle or gig performer etc with trails etc. Just a state of parameters

    Using instrument banks seems a bit redundant as you end up with long linear lists with linear prog change with composite variations becoming verbose

    1. French horns sford natural

    2. French horns staccford filtered dark

    3. French horns stacc nat

    4. French horns stacc dark

    Etc etc


    French horns (using keyswitch of 2 buttons providing 4 variations) as snapshots within a single instrument...as is usual

    KS.0 sus natural

    KS.1 sford filtered dark

    KS.2 stacc natural

    KS.3 stacc dark

    Even better would be cc using bitset to trigger the snapshot ie cc val of 0 + 1 +2 + 4

    A bit hard to explain I guess... But appreciate your response.

    Ill sort it somehow but can't help feel the regression in function is damaging and pretty frustrating.

    Then when you discuss it, people denounce it as trolling...I love NI...some of THE most amazing stuff ever produced...but entirely misunderstood... Ah the brilliance of Kore!

  • EvilDragon
    EvilDragon Moderator Posts: 1,023 mod

    Snapshots are indeed variations on the base patch, but in Kontakt's case this can be a pretty big difference, oftentimes including different FX loaded in the instrument's structure, and so on. This requires memory reallocation between snapshot loads, which is why the audio engine is suspended when you switch between them.

    But also Kontakt was never supposed to do what Kore did.

  • Mark Wesse
    Mark Wesse Member Posts: 46 Member


    Re Kore vs knotalt

    True, of course never supposed to do Kore because in reality kontakt was a component engine and I would never expected too

    But even to this day, nothing comes close and NI replaced it with a promise is complete control which is an unfortunately half baked and more a hindrance with the most unused potential. Sure the greatest downfall of Kore ie browsing on hardware was solved...but removed the rest...which is why I'm here just getting basic stuff done in a single engine

    Anyway I think I will give freestyle another go :-)

    Thanks for the helpful conversation

  • droptune
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    If you tried Gig Performer, the rackspace concept is the way -- you change sounds with zero latency and no glitching.

    Therefore, instead of switching snapshots, you switch rackspaces.

  • Mark Wesse
    Mark Wesse Member Posts: 46 Member

    Cheers droptune

    I used and programmed Gig Performer...it works but the amount of time, quirky/antiquation and lack easy error trapping creates convolution of use...well I couldnt continue to use it to do the deeper things. I started to do UI/UX for them but just on a different page (but best of wishes to them). It does do a lot of peripheral stuff eg OSC and if you like running bits and pieces all over the place, then it may suit you.

    Above all that...it let me down a number of times and when I reported bugs, I was treated as if I didnt know what was going on until I wasted a lot of time explaining for GP to find they actually were bugs...crashing type...thats just my 2c after investing a lot of time...just way too much overhead to do trails.

    So the point is...GP is not a plugin, only a host...so it then throws away the whole point of KK/Kontakt...which is the main point of discussion

    Might just have to shell out for Freestyle but then it creates problems with collaboration as everyone has to buy the same stuff...it gets expensive and I wouldnt wish it on them.

    Kore allowed them to simply use the kore player (sorry this is more about KK issues but ties in to the overall problem)


  • Kubrak
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    And using Maschine 2? You could load patches to 16 sound slots of each Section. And there is unlimited number of Sections.

    And on Maschine Jam there is even some kind of morphing implemented. Not sure, if that would be usable for your case.....

  • Mark Wesse
    Mark Wesse Member Posts: 46 Member

    I dont and never will use maschine...thanks for the reply though.

    As per the OP, Im hoping to simplify not complicate. My first preference would be Live before Maschine...and Maschine is another cost...

    If I was going to change...without a doubt Freestyle is the only real contneder

    Im trying to also make this portable for other members in my teams...who are already peeved at spending money on s88's that cant be used with KK for simple live situations. :-/

    Im just using kore at the moment which still seems to work and putting up with the glitches...its the only logical solution.


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