kontakt setting for steinberg note expression

jacques fulcara
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I'm using kontakt 6.7.1 as a vst3 plug-in in Cubase Pro 11

My intention is to add some note note expression parameters to nkis and nkms

Some other vstis have note expression special patches that allow to assign note expression to a bunch of parameters

Is it possible to assign such parameters in kontakt ?

And if so, at which level ? The kontakt interface, the controllers page, the multi, the patch ?

And how ?

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  • jacques fulcara
    jacques fulcara Member Posts: 3 Member

    Hi Gee Flat

    Thanks for your reply, but expression map is a completely different tool dedicated to articulations management

    note expression is a very powerful one on its own that allows to assign controllers to midi parts in a very attractive way

  • Gee_Flat
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    Yeah... there are ways to acheive that. You need a good understanding of how Groups and Zones work.

    But really, in Cubase you're applying a controller to notes, and Kontakt doesn't contain notes.

    My guess is that you want to acheive the same thing as a Stand-alone instrument, otherwise I don't see the point.

  • jacques fulcara
    jacques fulcara Member Posts: 3 Member

    Well, my need is to assign pitch bends to kontakt nkis for bends, vibratos, hammer ons and pull offs from a midi guitar

    I've assigned the pitch bend in a note expression setting, kontakt responds very well, and my bends are recorded fine too in cubase

    No needs to go further about tweaking kontakt settings


  • Gee_Flat
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    edited February 2023

    Pitchbend and vibrato on a guitar are the same thing, so Kontakt is just responding to change of pitch. Unless you're talking about sending midi messages through a Roland GR700

    No way you're getting vibrato out of Kontakt unless you're moving the pitchbend fack and forth in short increments, or an LFO is applied inside the instrument. Which in some cases is the whole point of adding an LFO. It's meant to emulate real world pitchbend or oscillation.

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