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Hi, I just installed my old Berlin Concert Grand Library and Kontakt Player on my M2 Mac Monterey. I just want to play and simply record the audio. I can not find a record button. The most simple thing Kontakt player does not even have?

I know some will say it needs logic or who knows what, install this install that then conect this connect that etc. etc. Way too complicated just to play a little.

I really do not want to install any daw or anything else, just simply record. I tried output to blackhole and record in any little audio recording software while it mirrors to the audio output but long latency makes this unusable - really latency? like 20 years ago? Come on!

Can not believe we have 2023 and record audio with a software piano still needs a ton of work??

(Sorry its late and I am tired)



  • Gee_Flat
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    With full Kontakt there is a Session Recorder script in the presets. It doesn't sync to anything. You need to be able to edit the instrument to get to the Script page.

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    Hey @tomahawk Kontakt Player doesn't have an audio recording function because it's designed to be used within a DAW.

    Not the solution you're looking for but you can run the audio out of your audio interface into an external software or hardware audio recorder perhaps?

  • Gee_Flat
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    But the Session Recorder script will record. I was using it one day about 10 years ago and recorded a whole song on piano using it.

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