Absynth is dead



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    Wouldn't it be possible to just make it a freeware - as-is - then?

    I feel like this would be better than bury it in a grave and remove all traces of existence of it. It's a product with a long history after all and even though it's no longer viable for you guys to keep it updated, it still works and will work for quite some time regardless (like you said).

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Unfortunately it's not to make it freeware or open source, for legal reasons, but as said before, it still runs on modern operating systems, it will still work for quite some time already.

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    I use it all the time for work, as I have for years. This is not welcome news.

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    Do any of these other task involve an update for battery? Any insight you could give would be great.

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    Aww well I don’t know if that means it’s not going to be supported anymore but I love Absynth as it my was first experience with NI’s technology.

    I’m hoping they took it down because they’re planning on making a new instrument (Absynth X or something). I don’t know if there’s currently another granular synthesis instrument as part of the NI stack so hopefully they keep innovating.

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    Native Instruments own website. Look at the products bundled in Komplete 14. It's gone. They've also pulled the page for Absynth completely from the website.

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    @GerenM you're responding to the wrong post. The first line is quoting from my post, which is asking the OP where he got the info from - because:

    A) He didn't say

    B) NI hadn't published anything at that time

    If you read the thread, later posts cover the removal of the Absynth page, and the NI web page on K14.

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    yeah and how long will it be activateable? NI already pissed off a lot of customers by just NOT LETTING THEM ACTIVATE their LEGAL software when switching off SERVICE CENTER.

    instead of releasing sample libraries and partnering with other companies you should care about your own products. NI get worse every year.

    i expect Absynth 5 getting switched off within a few years? you cannot even activate LEGALLY your old software anymore. this is just bad!

    Camelaudio for example gave offline installers to all legal customers!

  • ShelLuser
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    To be honest I'm also a bit upset with this news because as far as I can tell Absynth 5 is one of the few NI Synths which can do granular synthesis, which is a bit of a specific niche within the field and if you know how to use it... it's pretty darn special thank you very much.

    It also doesn't really help that Absynth was one of the first NI synths I bought "back in the days" and I'm still often using it to its deepest ends. I can understand the "upgrading will be a challenge" argument, if only... when was the last time we actually did got an Absynth upgrade? So with all due respect, it also sounds a bit silly to me.


    You know the one thing I deeply respect about NI? The fact that they're also giving (in)direct competitors a chance to "utilize their channels". Oh, don't get me wrong: I'm all too well aware that in the end this is all about the money and revenue, let's not kid ourselves here.

    Still, doesn't change the facts that it was NI allowing me to use their trusted payment setup to present me with powerhouses like the U-HE bundle and Pigments. See, Pigments, which I bought through NI, has something specific to it:

    And this is just one example of other available options to provide granular synthesis. Oh, in case you're wondering: the main reason I bought Absynth back in the day was because I got fascinated with Reason's Malström synth and wanted "more" out of that, this is where Absynth came into the picture for me.

    But there's more... I'll be perfectly honest here: I'm not necessarily a fan of this option because it takes time & effort to really get your fingers behind it. Still, doesn't change the fact that Reaktor is a powerhouse when it comes to granular synthesis as well:

    Don't get me wrong: I'm also sad to see Absynth fade away like this. And I also believe kudo's to the OP for putting this into the spotlight in the way he did. Ey... audio is emotive, and passion is part of that. I don't blame OP for speaking his mind at all.

    But it's also fair to say that... Absynth has been surpassed as well in the past, on several points even. My focus, obviously, still granular synthesis. About that...

    That's one of the generators from FL-Studio, pretty much available within the entry version.

    Not to mention the previously shown Pigments, but also Diva and Hive...

    I may not like it myself either, but I can't help but respect NI's wish to move on.

    Not to forget... Doesn't this also make us Absynth users even more special than we were before? I still have a license I'm unwilling to sell but still, if you bough Absynth and then Komplete... it may boost interest in the synth probably (!) allowing you to monotize on it if you want to. That's the other thing I (deeply!) respect about NI: allowing us to re-sell our stuff.

    Maybe it's the fanboy in me taking over, fair enough, but... yeah. time to move on.

    (and play our favorite Absynth in secret!!)


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    @ShelLuser : thanks for your post, full of interesting and insipiring thoughts...Reaktor "form" is a good granular ereaktor ensemble too. But Absynth was more that a granular synth, a real hybrid with a palette of synthesis.

    yep Pigments is a piece of soundesign art, full of modulations tools, so complex and simple to use. I love this synth that I love use Absynth, or Malström ever...very unique sound machines.

    For Pigment maybe the "student" surpassed the model if Absynth was a model for Arturia (maybe).

    Also the OP's agreed with you ! Stay connected 😆

  • Philippe
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    there is an email, posts and a video from Absynth creator. I guess this is enough

  • Howl
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    from the developer. who had loved to develop it further......

    so no problems to keep it up to date, besides other reasons, we all can fill in, as you can see what Komplete 14 gives. it is a pity, that Native Instruments who had forward thinking synths, now plays, well we all can also fill this in.

    Reaktor is still alive. Absynth 5 will work forever, windows!, problably... or a long time.

    but the developer himself, explains, with reason and respect to NI, how he stands.


  • Lowkus
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    The problem is that NI eventually drops the activation support for products they no longer sell. Computers do not last forever, I had a CPU crash and was unable to move the hard drive into a newer computer (CPU incompatibility), that meant I had to reinstall all the software and though I could get the exe's onto my machine NI would not allow the older applications to be activated, making them useless. NI could EASILY allow those products to be activated but they refuse to put in the tiniest effort to support the users. Those of us that own the older software can hack the exe to bypass the activation, but doing so would require a lot of time and knowledge that most of us do not have. It is absurd how badly NI treats their longtime customers, hence I'm not bothering to buy more NI software and am now two versions behind on Komplete. If I ever get the ability to run my older NI software then I'll resume buying NI products, otherwise it's boycott city baby.

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    I'm sure NI could work out a deal to transfer rights to the original developer, though.

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    I fully understand the feelings of creator/developer of Absynth.... Programs are sometimes taken like babies... I have been close to "kill" a manager who tried to make me to cripple my program that I created and cared for for 25+ years.... Fortunately, he has moved to another possition and program has been "saved" and is used and will be used for many more years....

    But, if there is a creator evidently willing to maintain his SW.... There should not be a problem to port it to Apple Silicon and support it few more years/decades....

    Maybe, if NI customers will ask for it. Mainly Apple users.... It could happen. Maschine Jam has not been supported by M+ and it was not planned to be. But regular user requests made it reality...

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