Would TRAKTOR A6 work with TRAKTOR PRO 3?

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Hey folks,

I have Traktor A6 sound card (bought many years ago) and macOS Monterey (M1). Which software do I have to buy in order to wire up Traktor Scratch A6? Would Traktor PRO 3 do the job? What timecode vinyl do I have to use?



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  • lord-carlos
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    You need the timecode vinyl that fits your software, the audio interface does not matter. mk2 for Traktor pro 3 https://www.native-instruments.com/en/pricing/mk2-vinyl-colored/

    If you have to device, why not quickly connect it and see if it works? If you can use it from macOS it should also work from Traktor, but if you wan to make sure just use the 30 minute demo version.


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